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  1. TANYA says:

    The Party Game Truck was the BEST party idea we have ever had. Our twin sons celebrated their 13 th birthday yesterday. The Party Truck arrived on time and the staff was courteous and so extremely helpful. Ten kids went in wide eyed and excited and came out 2 hours later out of breath and chest bumping. This was a surprise for our sons and believe me it was. My elderly neighbor even came out on her porch and enjoyed the music coming from the truck. From this one party, I know I have referred at least 10 people. Hubby and his friends are planning to use the Party Game Truck for a guys night. Thank you for making us PARENTS OF THE YEAR!!!!

  2. Tonya D says:

    My son birthday was on yesterday.He had no idea what was waiting for him outside. Oh my! My son was so excited. After it was all over,my son says to me….Mom I have been already cool. Now I am more popular. Bye the way he is thirteen. My husband thinks that he just been labeled cool as well. Everyone who walked passed thought it was so unique. Which it was.
    Wishing I could post my son pictures/video when he first layed eyes on truck. Best of all no clean up. The kids was so extra behaved. I will find a reason to use this truck again. I also wish that I could be a part of your team. such a great idea.

  3. Darrel says:

    Best in Maryland! I rented these guys for an event this past weekend. The game coach was awesome my kids loved it. Some of the kids had been to other video game parties and they even told me these guys were the best ever. Just awesome thanks again.

  4. Stacy W. says:

    In what seems like a never ending Winter, we had the best day ever Saturday, March 15th. Sixty-five degree weather, 18 kids ( one over 40) and the Party Game Truck! After throwing all the previous parties for my son, I knew I had to make lucky 13 the best one ever. I think I hit a home run. Better yet, make it a grand slam! The entire process could not have been any easier. A quick request with the date and time of the event, made the payment, and the truck arrived promptly in time for the party. The gentlemen with Party Game Truck asked me to select the types of games that could be played. They were on hand for any requests from the kids but never in the way of the fun.

    Two hours of the games followed by a limo ride to the Hard Rock Cafe at the Inner Harbor. This was by far my son’s favorite Birthday Party. How can I ever top this? Vegas, of course!

    The Whyte House

  5. Tenika says:

    “Just wanted to give a BIG THANK YOU to PARTY GAME TRUCK. We celebrated my daughter’s 10th birthday this past Sat. It was Awesome!!!!! The booking process was easy, they arrived in time, my daughter and her friends were happy, and MOM was extremely happy. Party on wheels and money well spent. Staff was GREAT!!!. I will definitely spread the word and use party game truck again …. Thank you!!!!!”

  6. Leslie says:

    WOW, When Party Game Truck arrived the whole neighborhood came by to see what all the excitement was about. We were the hit of the subdivision. Thanks for the great party, the game coach even showed us a few tricks on the games, Thanks again, we are telling all our friends what a great time we had. Super Mario Bros. is the best game, our kids loved it!

  7. Elaine says:

    Thanks Party Game Truck!! My 12 year old boys really enjoyed Party Game Truck. The truck was awesome and it had every popular game the boys wanted to play! It was such an easy party to host!! The truck rolled up and just a couple minutes later all the boys piled in and two hours later they came out!! I’m planning to have Party Game Truck for my yougest boys a birthday too. The staff was great too. Thanks!

  8. Mary says:

    BEST Idea ever! I had no idea what to do for my company’s team building exercise this year and was actually beginning to stress about it..until I found Party Game Truck. I cannot tell you how excited everyone became when the truck pulled up. It was like everyone changed into kids ready to play. Not to mention the praise I received for “thinking outside the box!” while keeping the costs minimal. EVERYTHING was taken care of so I could actually enjoy myself during the event. Thank you so much Party Game Truck. I wish I would have thought of this idea sooner!

  9. Cleo says:

    Party Game Truck was ABSOLUTELY AMAZING! We had them for our son’s 6th birthday party and we had approximately 26 kids. All the kids played at the same time and had a complete BLAST! My son and his friends thought it was AWESOME and all the parents wished they could have jumped in and played too. We will certainly have them host another event hopefully this summer! Thank you so much for the amazing job you did for all the kids!!!!!!
    And anyone out there questioning if you want to use the Party Game Truck…do not hesitate, you won’t be sorry!!! They are compassionate and give personalized service that is beyond your expectations!!!! Thank you !!!”

  10. Natalie says:

    My son’s 10th birthday party was Wednesday, April 9th. Yes A WEDNESDAY!! I was nervous about a weekday party but thanks to Party Game Truck it was a great success. My son and his friends had a blast. The truck was clean and arrived on time. Drew the game truck coach was friendly and helpful. I am so happy I found this business.

    You will definitely be hearing from me in near future regarding more parties!

    Thank you again,

  11. Marisa says:

    EXCELLENT service, friendly operator and the kids had a great time. We could not have been happier. Over the course of two hours we neither saw nor heard from 15 ten year olds! I would definitely recommend Party Game Truck to anyone in the Montgomery County area. Best party ever!

  12. Sharon says:

    Thank you Party Game Truck for helping us host the most fabulous outdoor party/cookout ever for our kids. All the kids were so amazed that they didn’t want to leave the event. Your driver was awesome as well, very polite and courteous. Everyone was struck by his personality. The parents were also elated with the size of the truck and variety of games and consoles you had on hand. We will certainly refer you all to our friends and associates. Rock on Party Game Truck!!!!

    The Calloways

  13. GIA says:

    Wonderful party. My sons and their friends had a great time. I DID TOO, thanks to throwback games from the 80’s.
    Your game coaches are the best.

    Thank you very much!!!!!!

  14. Rainon L. says:

    “We were thrilled with our decision to book the “Party Game Truck” for our son’s 9th birthday. The kids all had a fantastic time. The game coaches were timely, professional and friendly. The rental itself was reasonably priced. There was no set up or clean up, and my son really enjoyed the party. The truck was in good working order, clean, air conditioned and comfortable for the kids. Thank you!”

  15. Heather B. says:

    I want to send a special THANK YOU to Party Game Truck, they really made my son’s 8th birthday party SPECIAL! The staff was professional, arrived on time, had EVERY video game that we wanted and the best thing of all is that I didn’t have to lift a finger!

    The kids loved the truck and I couldn’t have asked for a better birthday party. Even today, after the sleepover, they’re still talking about the truck and even asked if we can have it again next weekend. LOL. Thanks again Party Game Truck, we had a blast!


  16. Nancy says:

    Thanks so much PartyGametruck!!! My 10 year old had a blast for his birthday. Gametruck pulled up at Pizza hut and for 2 hours all the children were entertained…. The host was great and on time .

  17. Jessica says:

    Party Game Truck is for “kids” of all ages. I had a party for my daughter’s 17th Birthday and it was the bomb!!!!! Over the years we’ve probably had about every type of birthday party imaginable (skating, swimming, etc.) and for what you will spend on any party, this is definitely worth the money. The party “rolls” up to your door, the guests step inside, have an incredible time, and then it “rolls” away….no mess, no hassles!!! I had picked up a business card from a local Gamestop Store, went to the Web-site and WOW was I impressed. If you know someone that loves to play video games in any way, shape or form – this is the party for you!!

  18. Kristen says:

    Party Game Truck has been a huge hit with my after school program. My kids range in age from kindergarten to 5th grade and their favorite day is when the game truck comes. Party Game Truck stayed longer than their committed time to make sure every child had a fair amount of playing time. We can’t wait to have them back! Thanks Again!!

  19. Debra says:

    The Party Game Truck was extremely clean and had every game my son wanted to play. This is the coolest thing I have done and we have referred this idea to everyone we know.

  20. They were on time, Truck was Clean, All the Kids had a great time. My son says he wants the Party Game Truck Next Year!! The guy helping us was nice and friendly. I have already referred to my Company Picnic.
    Thanks Party Game Truck for the wonderful Experience!!!

  21. Suzzanne says:

    I have never had a video game party so I don’t have anything to compare the experience to…but Party Game Truck was GREAT. They rolled up to the park near my house, 14 kids piled in, 2 hours later they came out with big smiles on their faces. Pizza and cake in the park. Party over. AWESOME!

  22. Joanne says:

    My son’s birthday party was a hit and amazingly easy. The hardest part was planning around soccer practice, so we had the truck come to the field. Thanks Party Game Truck for making the Surprise Party so easy.

  23. Ann says:

    Why have I chased kids around Chuck E Cheese for the last 2 yrs? The game truck pulled up to my house, was set up in a few minutes, and then my son was allowed to pick his video games before anyone else came inside. The party seemed too easy compared to what I usually do. Thanks for the easiest party ever!!

  24. Natalie S says:

    Thank you for such a wonderful party today for my son’s 10th birthday!! All the boys (and girls) had such a great time. My son just said, “I really didn’t want this day to end.” Several parents were asking for your information (which we passed along) — we will talk about this experience for many weeks to come and you all will be highly recommended!! GREAT JOB!!

  25. Noelle S. says:

    We had the party game truck for my sons 9th bday party. One word, AWESOME. The truck was a gift from grandma, and they called ahead so she could jump in the truck when it pulled up to the party. Great customer service. Very professional and flexible with timing and pricing was reasonable. The interior of the truck is amazing (my husband didn’t want to get out). Even grandma stayed inside to play. My son can’t stop talking about it and neither can his friends. It was more than any of us expected. If your looking for a birthday party that is low pressure, high impact, cost effective, go no further.

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